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Our housing

Our homes are ideally located in a quiet setting along the valley of diane classified natural area, in the charming seaside resort of Les Sables d'Or Les Pins (in the town of Plurien).

Beach Studio

3 persons, 1 bedrooms, 37 sqm

40€/ night

Cap Fréhel Studio

4 persons, 1 bedromm, 37 sqm

40€/ night

Cap d’Erquy Studio

4 persons, 1 bedroom, 32 sqm

40€/ night

Apartment L’Amiral du Val André

6 persons, 3 bedrooms , 87 sqm

60€/ night

Apartment View on the hill

5 persons, 3 bedrooms, 87 sqm

60€/ night

Apartment View on the resort

5 persons, 3 bedrooms, 87 sqm

60€/ night

Apartment View on the lagoon

5 persons, 3 bedrooms, 70 sqm

60€/ night

Villa A l’abordage

8 persons, 4 bedrooms, 170 sqm

220€/ night

Villa Celtitude

6 persons, 4 bedrooms, 110 sqm

170€/ night

Villa des Acacias

6 persons, 3 bedrooms, 100 sqm

100€/ night

Villa Accostage

12 persons, 6 bedrooms, 250 sqm

215€/ night

Villa Korrigans

12 persons, 6 bedrooms, 250 sqm

215 €/ night

Villa des Pirates et Corsaires

6 persons, 3 bedrooms, 110 sqm

110€/ night

6 personnes, 3 chambres, 87m²

68 €/ nuit

Une très belle semaine en Bretagne

Très bel appartement à la décoration soignée, très confortable.Bien que situé sur la route départementale à l'entrée du village, nous avons apprécié le calme de la résidence et nous avons été nullement dérangés par la circulation.Le temps magnifique nous a permis d'apprécier les ballades à pied et au bord de la plage.Nombreuses possibilités de se restaurer à des prix compétitifs. Nous reviendrons surement.

Michèle et André E.

The port of Erquy

Family resort of pink sandstone, a fishing port known for its delicious scallops and first fishing port to the clam. Come to contemplate the nature, the moors of the cape among the most remarkable of the coast, the dunes of sand, the cliffs of pink sandstone ... Do not miss out on the various pedestrian excursions to discover the port of Erquy and its surroundings including small coves.

Cap Fréhel

Exceptional site, overlooking a sea of ​​emerald to more than 70 meters, spectacular cliffs, a historical fort classified Site Natura 2000 constitutes a true ornithological reserve. Between gorse and heather, take the path integrated in GR 34 and go around the cape, enjoying exceptional landscapes.

Saint Malo

A vessel of stone on the mouth of the Rance, the corsair city proudly stands its ramparts over its beaches and port. The facades and towers emerging from the fortifications give the city its unique design. Approach the Malouine city, the walkway offers breathtaking views!


Whether you discover the Mont Saint-Michel step by step during a crossing of the bay, from the road, or from the cliffs of Champeaux ... you will be dazzled by his majesty! You will understand why the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is nicknamed the Wonder of the West.